About Us

  Tortoise and Hare Delivery, a subsidiary of 5 Star Medical Partners Inc. non-profit, is dedicated to bringing the best of the industry to your doorstep seven days a week. We are proud to offer professional, discreet, delivery with the utmost respect for our patients privacy. Our Tortoise and Hare logo illustrates the yin-yang properties of Indica and Sativa strains.  

  With first hand experience in the curative effects of cannabis on cancer, 5 Star Medical Partners Inc. was founded on the principle of offering a safe and alternative treatment for our patients. We are passionate about saving people from the diabolical chemical cocktails being pushed by big pharma and the tight-rope philosophy of trying to balance just enough poison to kill an ailment without killing the patient. It is our generations right and responsibility to say NO to masking symptoms with a laundry list of harmful side effects. From seizures, Adult ADHD, skin conditions and cancers to the tragically rampant PTSD suffered by our brave military, police, and first responders we offer a plethora of holistic treatments.   

Join us in supporting these Pro-Cannabis Organizations

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www.womengrow.com / wwwGrowForVets.org / www.wfwProject.org  www.NORML.org  / www.mpp.org / www.thecannabisindustry.org www.parents4pot.org / www.letfreedomgrow.com / www.safeaccessnow.org